Tanzu Kubernetes on vCenter 7 – Deploy Supervisor Cluster (WCP)

In this guide we will configure Workload Management for vCenter 7. We’ll be using vCenter Server Network (DSwitches) instead of NSX-T. Additionally we’ll be using the Avi Load Balancer (NSX Advanced Load Balancer).

Licensing for Supervisor Cluster

Right click on your vSAN cluster and navigate to Licensing. Select Assign Supervisor Cluster License and select the appropriate license. If you need to add a new license select Menu at the top -> Administration -> Licenses -> Add

Configuring Workload Management

Click the Menu and navigate to Workload Management, and you should see this page. (Assuming you licensed correctly). Click Get Started.
This alert is just informing you that Avi must already be preconfigured. If you haven’t done so yet, please do so now. Additionally we do not have NSX-T running in this lab, so vCenter Server Network is selected. Click Next.
Select the vSAN Cluster and click Next.
Pick the control plane size. I have found that Tiny was more than enough for my needs.
Select the default storage policy for control plane. I am using the vSAN Default Storage Policy. Click Next
Add in the details for the Avi load balancer. The name must be DNS compliant, so avi-controller-1 is simple and works.
Type: Avi
Controller IP: Use the IP and port here
Then add your username and password.
Add your Avi Controller Cert here as well. If you haven’t generated this yet, please do so now.
Again, as with everything VMware, make sure DNS works!

I’m using the network for my management network. Select your starting range in that network and add your gateway. Add the dns server, search domain, and ntp server. Click Next.
Add in the Pod network (Workload Network) is the network i’m using. Add the dns server then click Add for workload network.
In the popup add a name for the network and select the PodNetwork portgroup. Lastly add the gateway, subnet, and ip ranges. Click Save.
Everything should look like this. Click Next.
Select the kubernetes content library we created. Click Next.
All set! Click Finish.
You should see this screen. At this point go grab some coffee because this step takes quite a while, specially if your content library is set to “Download library content only when needed,” as mine is. It will download all the required ovas and start spinning up the supervisor cluster.
After a while (~45min for me) you should see your supervisor cluster up and running!
You can click the Menu and navigate to VMs and Templates and there should be 3 supervisor control plane vms running.

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