Tanzu Kubernetes on vCenter 7 – Namespace Setup

After deploying the supervisor cluster, the next step is to setup the namespace where we will deploy our guest cluster.

Create Namespace

In the Menu click Workload Management. Then navigate to the Namespaces tab. Click Create Namespace.
Select the vSAN cluster and choose a name, I’m using “dev” Then select the workload network and finally add a description.
You should see the config status “Running” and kubernetes status “Active”. We need to configure Permissions, storage, capacity and usage, and the associated vm classes and content libraries for this namespace.

Configure Dev Namespace

Click Permissions and configure as shown above. If you’re using a different user, you can configure that here. I’m simply using the administrator for all access. Click OK.
Select Storage and choose the vSAN Default Storage Policy. Click OK.
Under Capacity and Usage, configure as shown above. I’m setting limits on memory and storage, but not CPU.
In the VM Service section, click Add VM Class and select the “best-effort-small” class. This will provide enough cpu and memory to the vms to handle a few deployments. If you need more, “best-effort_medium” would be a good fit as well.
Lastly, select the Add Content Library under VM Service, and add the kubernetes library.
Finished setup will look something like this.

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